The Astral Waters Review, Issue III

The third issue of Astral Waters Review has arrived! Download a digital copy today!




“The Basilisk"

Melanie Moyer

short story

“The Astronaut”

L.K. Early


“Patch Bastard

Hayden Moore

short story

“The Eejit Stage of Evolution"

Denis Titchenell


“Flowers from Daddy”

Tyler Miles

short story

“Humanoid Traffic Stop”

Roger Collins

stage play

“Or the Blackhole right 'round the street corner”

Garrett Carroll


“The Haunting of Piedras Blancas”

DC Diamondopolous

short story

“The Gardens”

Lane Clark

short story

“The Order of the Ruby Camel”


Robert Beveridge


“The Last Two”

Shira Hereld

short story


Stephani Maari Booker

short story

Chapters 1 & 2 from Fantastic Blindness

Victor Evans and Melissa McCann

novel excerpt

“No Escape”

E.J. Getz

short story


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